Stumbled upon Crab Stuffed Bell Peppers…Mmmm!

This is for you Robin!

I LOVE stuffed vegetables of different sorts.  I came across this recipe and made some modifications, switched out the crab with chickpeas..You could be thinking..and how are chickpeas a decent replacement for crab???..which were some’s sentiment..until they tried these..and they wanted more and more get it lol

I brushed the bell peppers’ exteriors with olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and put ’em under the broiler for a few mins first, before stuffing.

I thought it was really pretty to do 4 bell peppers each of a different color, and leave the stems on when you cut the bell pepper in half (vertically) for looks too!

We kept going back for more!  It makes 8 stuffed halves, and they are SUPER good.

Have a look at the recipe and what else goes in ’em…..Mmm!  Try em out and Let me know what you think 😉

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