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Black Beans, Whatever’s on Hand :) Over Rice

It’s a day full of thunder storms, perfect for not leaving the house, cooking up whatever’s around…pop some movies know these kind of days 😉

…So you don’t want to go out in the storm…rummaging through the pantry, the fridge..what combination of stuff do I have??

This tasty easy dish came about!  Make it with whatever you happen to have around!  I sautéed & kicked in some onions lightly browned in olive oil, bell pepper if you happen to have it, or other fresh veggie.   Added in some garlic,  then chili powder, cumin, coriander, sea salt, red pepper, oregano…added black beans tomatoes and corn, slow simmered it all for 10 mins and served it over rice.

Not difficult, easy to pop into tupperware and take to work for some tasty breaks …some lime juice squeezed over the top and sprinkled with cilantro would have been a nice finish if I had them on hand….I recommend trying that too!

Super easy, nice & tasty, Enjoy!

Check it out here :)_

Stumbled upon Crab Stuffed Bell Peppers…Mmmm!

This is for you Robin!

I LOVE stuffed vegetables of different sorts.  I came across this recipe and made some modifications, switched out the crab with chickpeas..You could be thinking..and how are chickpeas a decent replacement for crab???..which were some’s sentiment..until they tried these..and they wanted more and more get it lol

I brushed the bell peppers’ exteriors with olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and put ’em under the broiler for a few mins first, before stuffing.

I thought it was really pretty to do 4 bell peppers each of a different color, and leave the stems on when you cut the bell pepper in half (vertically) for looks too!

We kept going back for more!  It makes 8 stuffed halves, and they are SUPER good.

Have a look at the recipe and what else goes in ’em…..Mmm!  Try em out and Let me know what you think 😉

Poulet Saute aux Herbs de Provence

All I can say is MMMMmmmmMMmmm!!!! Chicken sautéed with Herbs and Garlic, Egg Yolk and Butter Sauce.

Julia Child is amazing.  She is.  Hands down.

My son & I actually battled for the leftovers ….I lost.  I was so sad to come home and find they were ALL GONE…!  .Reminds me of that line in Pirates of the Caribbean…Why is the Rum always Gone?…..Though I usually feel that way about my wine…!

This is SO good.

Make it for someone you want treated SO specially.

…..the vid perfection is still a work in progress…as is all of us, lol…. 😉 just keep that in mind

Recipe here

Black Peppercorn & Garlic Crusted “Tenderloin” with Port Sauce

So we finished our drive from Alaska to South  Carolina as you well know….well, we just got internet in our new construction place….took a was Killing me!..

Outstanding….This recipe is fast, super good and Definitely worthy of entertaining 😉  But have everything ready to go because it comes together fast.  I would serve 2 portobello caps for each serving, over french bread sautéed in vegan butter, or on the side of is really great or without if you’re watching carbs as a nice, light, and definitely elegant dish.

I did garlicky green beans on the side.  It was FABBBB!

Have a look:

Recipe here

Video here:

Ever driven from Alaska to S Carolina?…

That’s the reason I haven’t posted in 3 weeks….whewww!
My son graduated from high school and we left on a cross (2) countries drive!
Do you know you have to go about 7-8 hours north in Alaska to drive out of it?? We crossed the border into Canada, in the Yukon Territory….

I was a little terrified about this whole drive.
If something happens to you out there in certain parts of Alaska & the Yukon you are s.o.l. for a bit. ( I taught my 2 sons that means So Outta Luck. One of ’em came home a little bothered after getting razzed in high school over what it really means lol! Innocence is something to be protected & held onto 😉
So I got a bumper to bumper check on the Jeep Commander, signed up with AAA, and made sure we had a good combination of cash & credit cards.

What we saw, what my son got to experience, was irreplaceable & an experience like we won’t have again together as he heads off to college.

5000 miles..I’m going to create a page on the blog dedicated to the trip.

At this point suffice to say our top 3 favorite sites, places, experiences on the drive (in the order we saw them):

The Wine Country of British Columbia, Canada into northern Washington state. Jagged, steep rock faces fall into lush green vineyards with a wine pub about every 100 feet. Amazing! Awesome.

Drop into Washington to the Coulee Dam….wow. Sandstone rock faces, amazing views and such kind people..seriously wowzers.

Hands down, the most mind blowing, was Wyoming. I would have never guessed it. You probably couldn’t have convinced me til being there myself.
The red rock formations, faces, country side. I wanted to stop, for months. I don’t know about you, and I’m going to show some ignorance here, but I always thought of red rock formations as Arizona..Utah..New Mexico.
My son & I agreed, we will come back, and spend time in Wyoming. Covering it by horseback, and take it in…mmmm.

I had to go at one point here, really had to go lol! And there was no near by services we could see. My son said ‘Mom, go ahead, if you get bit by a rattler in the a__ I’m not sucking out the poison.
…we’ll see…
……luckily we weren’t put to test 😉

My posting begins again..I’ve missed it so!!
And I hope you enjoy the page I’ll be creating imaging the trip 🙂