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Butternut Squash Canoe, Filled with Quinoa, Vegan Butter and Cashews!

Oh my gosh this tastes like French Toast! I’m not kidding! I sprinkled the final product with a bit of cinnamon & nutmeg. This is so good, I mean SO good…and a heck of a lot healthier than actual french toast.
I think I’m going to try it again with a touch of maple syrup and maybe a dash of powdered sugar just before serving…now that I know that it tastes like French Toast!
Crazy I know, but GREAT treat or side dish or breakfast!
Try it first without the maple syrup or powdered sugar (so GOOD!), then if you’re a bit of a sweet tooth try a bit with and see what you think 😉

MmMmmmmm! Lol..I would have never expected a French toast vegetable!

Recipe here:

Butternut Squash Canoe, Filled with Quinoa, Vegan Butter and Cashews!

Moules A La Mariniere – ‘Mussels’ Steamed in Wine and Flavorings

Mmmmmmm!!  French amazingness??  Absolutely!
This Julia Child recipe made Vegan is the simplest version of this most typical of French methods for cooking mussels, it is elegant, it is super fast, it is AMAZING.

I replaced the Mussels with Oyster Mushrooms… they get their name due to having a look and flavor of oysters.. Sautéed in wine, Vegan butter and herbs..all served drizzled over French bread sautéed in Vegan butter….! All I can say is MmmMmmmm!

I served this to two non-Vegan friends and they said that they felt like they were being spoiled it is SO good.

Have it as an appetizer or as the main course if accompanied with appropriate sides, I highly recommend it 😉

Recipe here:

Moules A La Mariniere – ‘Mussels’ Steamed in Wine and Flavorings

Video Here:

Vegan Italian Vegetable Pie

For an easy comfort food kind of night, with less carbs & calories than pizza, try this. My son said ‘It’s like vegetable pizza without the crust!’. He ate it up 😉
Mix up the recipe a bit by adding any of your own favorite vegetables, like asparagus, zucchini, artichokes…. I was thinking of making a Thai version, like a local amazing pizza place here in Alaska, The Moose’s Tooth…they have an out of this world Thai pizza! If you ever make it up here to Anchorage I highly recommend it, along with their crafted brews!
Their sister restaurant, The Bear’s Tooth, is well worth the stop too.. You get to watch a new release movie on the big screen while indulging in their great food & a pint of brew. Every row of seats has a table row in front of it, for $3 bucks a seat! Can you believe that?! Or for the really big spenders you can reserve one of the two or four seater booths that line the back for $6 bucks a seat. Sign me up!!

Here’s the recipe:
Vegan Italian Vegetable Pie

African Cipollini Onions & Tomatoes with Cinnamon, Peanuts, Cilantro over Basmati Rice

This North African dish made Vegan is a plethora of amazing flavors on the palette…….Whoa,

If you cannot find cipollini onions in your area, you can use white pearl onions instead, though the cipollini have unique sweetness, more than your average white or yellow onion, though leaving behind none of the astringent raw onion flavor.

Cipollinis become soft and practically melt in your mouth, you haven’t had caramelized onions until you’ve had them with cipollinis!
There is a bit of prep time getting the skins off them, but well worth the effort.

The combination of these with coriander, cumin, cinnamon, thyme, brown sugar, cilantro, roasted peanuts..all over basmati rice..Mmmmmm
Enjoy! I did 🙂 …I’m feeling like it may even be better as I’m sitting here having it the next day with the flavors having permeated even more..Mmm!

If you’re a carnivore 😉 have this as a side with or without the rice.
The recipe is here:
African Cipollini Onions & Tomatoes with Cinnamon, Peanuts, Cilantro over Basmati Rice

Maple Syrup Roasted Vegetables over Toast Sprinkled with Fresh Basil & Mint

I had a little sweets craving needing sating while wanting something healthy for breakfast…I came up with throwing a few of the fresh veggies from the fridge in a roasting pan with some olive oil, maple syrup, sea salt and ground some blackpepper over the top. The high temperature roasted the veggies and caramelized the maple syrup, served over toast and sprinkled with some basil and fresh mint I had, and voila! It was a tasty treat!

I could see this being a good appetizer on bruschetta..or a side dish with or without bread at all 🙂

Bon Appetit!
Here it is:
Maple Syrup Roasted Vegetables over Toast Sprinkled with Fresh Basil & Mint

Steamed Vegetable Open-Top Asian Dumplings with Chili-Sesame Drizzle

These came out so good.  I mean REALLY, REALLY good.  Treat someone by making these for them.
I served these with an Asian Wasabi salad made up of cabbage, sliced almonds, sesame sticks, , shredded carrot, some dried pineapple, cilantro, wasabi peas (in place of croutons, for added kick & flavor)and toasted sesame dressing.
Even the salad had my friends ohhhhh-ing.  There aren’t many salads that I’m like ‘wow this is good!’

And the Asian dumplings, Magnifique!

The dinner over all was an experience, a taste & flavor experience.
Have a look at the video..I apologize I had a recording faux pas, it gets cut off at the end, though you get to see the final product.

Dig in and Bon Appetit!  

Recipe here:
Steamed Vegetable Open-Top Asian Dumplings with Chili-Sesame Drizzle

Video here: