Margarita ‘Chicken’!

Oh my…I know! AGAIN? But it is. This is a fabulous one.

This recipe was a fav of mine several years ago when it occurred to me today to make it with yellow squash instead of chicken. I kept yellow squash whole, except cutting off the ends and a very thin layer on two sides, opposite sides, so it would lay flat in the skillet.

Doing the recipe like I used to, dredging the squash (vegan chicken ;)) through flour, mixed with paprika and garlic powder sauteed in olive oil til they were a crisp brown on the outside, followed by baking them in a combination of sauteed onions, tequila, orange juice and tropical fruit..!! HOLY COW.

My son said ‘This is good’….you know how that is a bit of a litmus test for me.. My gosh and it SMELLS fantastic. Make some real margaritas to go with, a few friends and it’s a party!

Here’s the recipe:

Margarita ‘Chicken’ with Lime Cilantro Rice

And the video to see what it looks like 🙂 Wowzers…!

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