Bursting in your mouth Berry Muffins

I made these so FULL of blueberries they burst in your mouth with every bite. And the maple syrup in the recipe makes you feel like you’ve got blueberry pancakes on the go! Enjoy 🙂

Recipe here:
Bursting in your mouth Berry Muffins

4 responses to “Bursting in your mouth Berry Muffins

  1. Remember Violet Beauregarde? Willy Wonka had to order the Oompa-Loompas to roll Violet out of the Inventing Room in her blueberry form to “squeeze her” in the Juicing Room before she exploded. Heather’s blueberry muffins are so tasty, you cannot stop eating them. Well, off to the Juicing Room I go for some necessary squeezing.

  2. So incredibly excited to eat these! Pulling the blueberries out of the freezer now. 🙂

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