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Margarita ‘Chicken’!

Oh my…I know! AGAIN? But it is. This is a fabulous one.

This recipe was a fav of mine several years ago when it occurred to me today to make it with yellow squash instead of chicken. I kept yellow squash whole, except cutting off the ends and a very thin layer on two sides, opposite sides, so it would lay flat in the skillet.

Doing the recipe like I used to, dredging the squash (vegan chicken ;)) through flour, mixed with paprika and garlic powder sauteed in olive oil til they were a crisp brown on the outside, followed by baking them in a combination of sauteed onions, tequila, orange juice and tropical fruit..!! HOLY COW.

My son said ‘This is good’….you know how that is a bit of a litmus test for me.. My gosh and it SMELLS fantastic. Make some real margaritas to go with, a few friends and it’s a party!

Here’s the recipe:

Margarita ‘Chicken’ with Lime Cilantro Rice

And the video to see what it looks like 🙂 Wowzers…!

‘London Broil’ with Red Onion, Balsamic, Brown Sugar marinade over Texas Toast

Mmmmmm Mm!! I helped a good friend of mine with her Spring cleaning this weekend, and what can make Spring cleaning more fun than a good friend, great food and a bottle of Red wine?!
This was SO good! And we did some super fun Spring decorating (at Pier that place..dangerous..). We had to celebrate with a great dinner!
File it, it’s a keeper 😉
Recipe here:

Firecracker Vegetable and Chickpea Roast

Ok, so this is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Like super star.  Boys and girls!  This will be one that you will be looking forward to lunch time coming at the office so you can dig in all over again!

The Indian flavors of curry and mint, with Italian herbs jacked up with jalapeno….whoa! Unless you prefer milder food, leave the seeds in the jalapeno so the dish befits its name.

If you are going light on the carbs it is amazing with out the bed of rice as well.

Enjoy 😉

Recipe here:

Firecracker Vegetable and Chickpea Roast



Bursting in your mouth Berry Muffins

I made these so FULL of blueberries they burst in your mouth with every bite. And the maple syrup in the recipe makes you feel like you’ve got blueberry pancakes on the go! Enjoy 🙂

Recipe here:
Bursting in your mouth Berry Muffins

Roasted “Cornish Game Hens” with “Chicken Liver” Canapes and Mushrooms

Hey everyone!  Holy Cow, I have found my FAV for April so far!

This is one of my vegan twists on a Julia Child French recipe…..OH MY GOSH IT IS FANTASTIC!  I replaced the Cornish Game Hens with whole yellow squash (kind of made a shallow narrow canoe hole in them and stuffed them that way).

I had a bit of a kitchen explosion (that taught me a BIG lesson) in the midst of this recipe….so you get to benefit from my experience.

Bon Apetit!! ….

Recipe here:

Roasted “Cornish Game Hens” with “Chicken Liver” Canapes and Mushroom

Check out the vid:

Balsamic Glazed “Pork Chops” with Roasted Red Pepper Grits

Ohhhhh I’ve got a goodie for you!!

Replace the Pork Chop with a 1/2 or a whole portobello mushroom cap, depending on how big you want your “chop” to be.  I did whole because I thought it was prettier! Follow this recipe and you are going to have an attractive, elegant, serve-this-to-guests so good dinner, that you can throw together and serve in 20 mins!

Bon Apetit!

Balsamic Glazed “Pork Chops” with Roasted Red Pepper Grits

Warm Roasted Asparagus ‘Salad’ topped with Balsamic Tomatoes

It is a SUPER snowy day up here in Alaska.  It has been coming down since this morning.  So cold salad for lunch, cold anything, isn’t hitting the spot.

I thought I’d share this just in case anyone’s looking for an inviting salad or elegant side dish!  Who doesn’t love a roasted asparagus, balsamic tomatoes, sprinkled with (vegan) cheese, pepper jack or crumbled goat (if you’re not doing things vegan) combination?

It’s tasty!

I apologize in advance for the bit of lamenting going on in the video over winter up here!….but boy Summer cannot come soon enough!

In the meantime…..we cook!

Recipe here:  Warm Roasted Asparagus ‘Salad’ topped with Balsamic Tomatoes