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Fabulous Spanish Indulgence

Hey there, please forgive me, I have been ‘off the grid’ for a while.  I have been studying and training for a series of interviews for a pilot slot with a local airline.  It went well.  I am sorry I was immersed, but I’m back!  And so happy to share again.

I was inspired.  ….by a movie, Tortilla Soup…the Dad in the movie is an amazing chef, the family ‘fun’, the food, the life!..(in a warm climate)… it is borderline chick flick.. The point is..It had great food, artistic creations of taste that everyone gets to enjoy!..I enjoyed making this so much…..and enjoyed the result and product so much more I would LOVE a submersion in a real Spanish kitchen….Running of the bulls anyone?…Pamplona?..  July is coming..;)…lol, anyone’s adventurous side peaked?..Lesley?

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers….stuffed piquillo peppers…this was a first for me.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did.  Here’s the recipe:

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Jasmine Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers and a Pub

Some friends of mine and I got together at a new Brewery that opened here recently in Anchorage, King St  Brewing Company.  The neat thing about this place was it had tables and chairs in a ‘reception’ room.  You walk up to the counter, order your brew of choice and sit at the tables and enjoy with your friends!  It doesn’t have a kitchen or food menu, so you’re allowed to bring food if you want.  We all brought an appetizer to share!  It was SO much fun!

I bet you can guess…I brought this appetizer 😉

Enjoy!  Here it is:

Jasmine Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

La Bamba Casserole, Mexican for Dinner Tonight!

A hot twist on 7 layer dip!  Being in Alaska we are always looking for something hot.  Here it is mid March and we still wake to single digit temperatures each morning, and we got another 8 inches of snow today…most know this is fairly normal snow behavior for March in Alaska, however the abnormal part is the fact that we have broken the all time historical record for snow in Alaska this winter…!….do you know what it takes to break the all time historical record for snow in ALASKA??!!??…  Cabin fever is very real…

Anyway, great with corn bread or corn chips!  Here’s the recipe, Bon Appetit 😉

La Bamba Casserole

Clean out the Refrigerator for Dinner….Easy, Super Quick, Yummy!

This recipe is so easy and fast that you don’t even need a recipe for it! We all have those times when you need or want something you can literally throw in a bowl together, and voila!, meal is served!

Listen to what my friend Erica says in the video below and you have dinner! Serve it with tortilla chips or some corn bread or by itself if you like to limit carbs.

Thanks Erica 🙂

“Chicken” with Port Wine, Cream and Mushrooms, Oh my!…

I figured I had to slip in a Julia Child ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ recipe amidst the night of recipes with my friends!  This is one of those that you could confidently do for entertaining.

Speaking of which, I recently met someone who designed a kitchen for a local Fabulous place here in Anchorage…Crush!…and mentioned how much I look forward to custom designing my custom kitchen one day.  I know exactly how I want I it will be stocked..down to the utensils and where I will get them from. I vicariously live through a couple of friends’ kitchens.. architectural & custom home magazines….!  I’d love to hear or see pics of others’ fav kitchens out there 🙂

Check this out, and have some friends over…pop a bottle of wine!….

Here’s the recipe:

“Chicken” with Port Wine, Cream and Mushrooms

2 Fried Rice Recipes!

So my friend Debi treated us with not one but two options for fried rice! This was tasty, healthy, a great part of our Friends night cook and share!  Thank you Debi for BOTH recipes!  They were a hit.  Here are the two recipes, and Deb’s video: 🙂

Vegan Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Tumeric


Vegan Lasagna Mmm!!

Hi Everyone!  Another FABULOUS recipe from the friends’ night cook and share!  This one is from none other than my up-hill running, 6-pack totin’ (yes, I do mean abs), good friend Sandy 🙂  She and her husband Jack are inspirational in their dedication and discipline to healthy Vegan eating, exercise, and other areas to learn from.

This Vegan lasagna is such a treat, as one of our friends, Shelley, said the night she tried it, “Is this really Vegan??!”  It is.  And it’s great.

Here you go:

Vegan Lasagna