Collard Wraps with Raw Sunflower Pate

Hey there!  My next few posts are going to be from a night at a friend’s house!  A bunch of us got together and cooked some favorite Vegan recipes…SO good.  This one is from my good friend Shelley.  I have NEVER tasted anything less than fabulous come out of her kitchen.  She and her husband both do such amazing creations.  There is serious talent in this household.  Their custom kitchen (that they designed) is completely inviting to create in, right down to the built in taps on one side for the beer her husband brews himself.  Just about everything Shelley makes I manage to get some to take home, THANKS SHELLEY!

The combinations in this recipe with the pate, the avocado wrapped in the blanched collard green and then dipping it in the Thai chili sauce is awesome.  Enjoy!

The recipe is here:

Collard Wraps with Raw Sunflower Pate

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