Vegan Kidneys…Not Wonderful Yet….

…Sooooo I tried making Vegan Kidneys (you can see in the vid below) and ended up going out to dinner..they were awful!  So awful my son and I threw them out in a dumpster to get away from them!…Don’t try this one at home 😦

I added this other recipe for your enjoyment instead.  It’s a simple neat recipe, great for tupperwaring to the office for lunch, and easy to make a big batch, freeze 1/2, for handy back-up meals.  I’ll keep working on the Vegan Kidneys!!… 😉

Tomato Chickpea Curry

2 responses to “Vegan Kidneys…Not Wonderful Yet….

  1. A kidney stone walks into a bar.
    The bartender says, “What’ll you have?”
    The kidney stone says, “No thanks, I’m just passing through.”

    Ok, I know that was bad. You can throw this awful kidney joke in the dumpster too.

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