Indian Chickpeas over Garlic Spinach

What is it about great food!? Gosh and we are so lucky because it is here for us, cookable! Ready for us to enjoy! Now!
…After the fun of putting it together, adding this to that, breathing in the creation as you add a new ingredient and it sautés.. simmers together, oh my gosh! We take that first bite and mmmmmm….!
Enjoy this recipe, bringing together some unexpected flavors, and on top of that a quick dinner, results in something that you STOP ….let the layers of flavor deliver the palette an experience…!

Indian Chickpeas over Garlic Spinach

4 responses to “Indian Chickpeas over Garlic Spinach

  1. This was sooo yummy I couldn’t stop eating it. Did some tiny modifications to recipe like roasting seeds and grinding slightly first, lots of garlic sauté with onion. Used less broth and took peas off heat and piled spinach on top to steam a minute (one less pan to wash:) I’m gonna experiment with this one with eggplant or squash. Thanks!

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  3. Wow, Celeste! Nice job…it is an art for you as well! I SO look forward to our big cook out night at Shelley’s…everyone cooking their own fav! It’ll be a great post to share I have no doubt and for other’s to get some good new ideas…Feb 11th…i’m prepping now ;D !!

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