Do you like Indian?…

I had one of those looooong exhale kind of days when meeting a deadline today for work…..I was starving, because I hadn’t eaten all day while pushing through tasks.  I made this recipe after, it’s quick, super fast, and SO hits the spot (especially with a little dry white wine)!:

Chickpea Curry with Yogurt

Couple of tips, I replaced the yogurt with Organic Soy Vanilla yogurt (from Whole Soy & CO).  And I didn’t find Cardamom Pods (which it calls for 6) so I used 2 tsp of ground Cardamom instead (so I didn’t have to pick out the pods, bonus!).

If you’re looking for something low in carbs, don’t follow the suggestion of having Naan(Indian flatbread).  I actually used Vegan thinly sliced Italian bread (I put a little olive oil in a skillet and browned the bread).  I sliced it diagonally in half and put the recipe on top…..It was SO good.

….The culmination to meeting a deadline and kicking back, putting your feet up with something mmmmmmm..

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