These French Crepes are an easy, whip-it-up, get-it-done super tasty recipe.  Crepes can be something for breakfast or they can actually be a main dish, depending on what you fill them with.  I’ve listed within the actual recipe the options of filling them with berries, “Shellfish” or “Chicken” Mmmmmmm!

These crepes also freeze really well, so make a bunch and unfreeze some as you want for breakfast one day, and try an entrée filling another day!

You can see the recipe detail here:

Vegan French Crepes

My video skills will get better with time!…as I learn 🙂  Please let me know of any additional information you’d like to see included, or detail that would be helpful and improve what I provide.

2 responses to “Crepes!

  1. petit4chocolatier

    The crepes, fruit and powdered sugar look delicious! Good video!

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