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Vegan Wine, Beer AND Junk Food

I hope this is good information for you too!

Vegan Wine:

Vegan Beer:

Vegan Junk Food:

Indian Chickpeas over Garlic Spinach

What is it about great food!? Gosh and we are so lucky because it is here for us, cookable! Ready for us to enjoy! Now!
…After the fun of putting it together, adding this to that, breathing in the creation as you add a new ingredient and it sautés.. simmers together, oh my gosh! We take that first bite and mmmmmm….!
Enjoy this recipe, bringing together some unexpected flavors, and on top of that a quick dinner, results in something that you STOP ….let the layers of flavor deliver the palette an experience…!

Indian Chickpeas over Garlic Spinach

Do you like Indian?…

I had one of those looooong exhale kind of days when meeting a deadline today for work…..I was starving, because I hadn’t eaten all day while pushing through tasks.  I made this recipe after, it’s quick, super fast, and SO hits the spot (especially with a little dry white wine)!:

Chickpea Curry with Yogurt

Couple of tips, I replaced the yogurt with Organic Soy Vanilla yogurt (from Whole Soy & CO).  And I didn’t find Cardamom Pods (which it calls for 6) so I used 2 tsp of ground Cardamom instead (so I didn’t have to pick out the pods, bonus!).

If you’re looking for something low in carbs, don’t follow the suggestion of having Naan(Indian flatbread).  I actually used Vegan thinly sliced Italian bread (I put a little olive oil in a skillet and browned the bread).  I sliced it diagonally in half and put the recipe on top…..It was SO good.

….The culmination to meeting a deadline and kicking back, putting your feet up with something mmmmmmm..

Vegan “Scallops” in White Wine, Garlic and Herbs ..YUM!!

Coquilles St. Jacques Á La Provençale – Scallops in White Wine, Garlic and Herbs

What?! Scallops??? But we’re Vegan!…

Take away cutting off my head so much (in the video), and a sad attempt at French pronunciation, You’ll enjoy this dish

Have a look at what I use as a Scallop….a little imagination, a super tasty dinner (or lunch..) 🙂

For the recipe, click here:

Vegan Scallops, Wine, Garlic and Herbs

How can I improve my posts? Please leave a suggestion in the comments if there is something I can do or incorporate that you would like to see.

Neat Eggplant and Lentils Recipe I Stumbled Across

This is a recipe I liked when I came across it recently and decided to give it a try.   It was great the night I made it for dinner and having it in the fridge for lunch and leftovers, seemed almost even better after it sat in and soaked up the juices and seasonings.  A nice easy one to Tupperware out to work or wherever too!  So I thought I’d pass it on.

Just a personal tip, it calls for cubing the eggplant.  I made my eggplant cubes smaller, more like thickly sliced than cubed, just because that’s how I like my eggplant.  The lentils are high in protein, for any fellow Cross-fitters out there that might be concerned with that 😉

Skillet Eggplant and Lentils with Almond Parmesan


These French Crepes are an easy, whip-it-up, get-it-done super tasty recipe.  Crepes can be something for breakfast or they can actually be a main dish, depending on what you fill them with.  I’ve listed within the actual recipe the options of filling them with berries, “Shellfish” or “Chicken” Mmmmmmm!

These crepes also freeze really well, so make a bunch and unfreeze some as you want for breakfast one day, and try an entrée filling another day!

You can see the recipe detail here:

Vegan French Crepes

My video skills will get better with time!…as I learn 🙂  Please let me know of any additional information you’d like to see included, or detail that would be helpful and improve what I provide.

Vegan Coq Au Vin

“Chicken” in Cabernet Sauvignon, Mushrooms, Onion and “Bacon”

This recipe is amazing. I would make this to entertain, or for a special evening, or if I wanted to treat myself and my family. My son, who is not a Vegan, said “Wow, Mom, that’s good!”

Here is a little video of the final product, though I apologize in advance, it turns out I need some practice with capturing video! Future videos will show the highlights of cooking the recipe as well. And I will do this one again in the future so you have more of a visual and a better video. But I didn’t want you to wait to have this recipe! Take a look at what replaces the Chicken breast, it worked out well…

Special note: The final product in the video is without an option that I include in the actual recipe, adding fresh bread, browned in a skillet in Vegan butter. The recipe then is laid on top of the fresh bread. Oh my it is SO good! All I can say is Bon Appétit! The link to the actual recipe is here:

Recipe for Vegan Coq Au Vin