Anyone Else Still Get Scared Before Each WOD??

CrossFit and I are going on 3 months. Actually, I’ve been doing CrossFit Lite for going on 3 months. People that do CrossFit are arduous competitors, athletes, extreme sport amazingnesses. I thought, I can’t keep up with them.

I used to, back in some memory, surf, rock climb, kayak….I haven’t touched a surf board in 5 years. Any of us out there that have ever done any sport know how fast the body goes when you’re not doing it anymore.

In Alaska (now you know why i haven’t touched a surfboard, I hear there’s a surfing population of around 12 or so), Revolution Sports has a Lite option. A request from one of our trainer’s wives. All I have to say to her is THANK YOU!

I still get scared before every workout..will I not be able to do the whole workout? What’s it going to be like today? I haven’t had to quit in the middle of one yet…maybe I’m not pushing myself hard enough… I’ve definitely thought several times ‘am I going to make it?’.

Then the class starts, our usual classmates are there, i don’t know what we’d do without each other. The friendly, mean, caring, relentless instructors are ready.

Next thing I know, we’re going. We’re in. It’s begun. Most of the time I waver between counting and being in some constant disbelief mental cloud that it’s actually happening again. And I love it.

I head out to my vehicle….pause in the driver’s seat with a deep exhale, amazed I completed another one..(!)

And I keep coming back.

I’m on the fense to crossing over, to REGULAR CrossFit (just typing that makes me sick and scared.. and exited?)..

Creating something fabulous for dinner after is the culmination. That’s a great day.

PLEASE share any great recipes you have as well, and any CrossFit tips, experiences or thoughts. I’ll keep GREAT Vegan options coming. What’s for dinner tonight!

Ps: (If your CrossFit doesn’t have a Lite version, I’d recommend mentioning it to them, checking into it. If not for you, then for the many out there that need to build up to “regular”. It will most likely be a positive additional cash flow as well. And maybe aspiring trainers and/or competitors could ‘man’ the class, be the instructors!)

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